Differences Between Satellite & Fixed Wireless Internet

Satellite internet & fixed wireless internet are very different. Even though they both use a receiver mounted onto a customer’s house the reliability, cost, and data limits are very different for those living in rural areas.

About Satellite Internet

First, let’s break down what exactly satellite internet is. This is a common option for rural areas. It requires a dish installed onto your house to provide high-speed internet access without using a phone or cable line. However, it is expensive since there has to be an orbiting satellite to use the service. Therefore, this takes a great deal of time and planning to set up, which ends up being paid by the customer.

Also, weather conditions directly impact satellite internet. Since the signal pings off a satellite orbiting the earth, storms in another state could disrupt your service. Then, there are data caps. Using too much data will result in penalties from your service provider. This usually results in over-usage charges or speed restricting known as throttling. If anyone at home frequently watches online videos, this quickly eats up data limits. Watching videos could be difficult due to the considerable lag since the satellite is far away, which is bad news for gamers.

Fixed Wireless Internet Solution

Fixed wireless internet is completely different. There is a receiver installed on your house, however, it doesn’t communicate with a satellite. Instead, this receiver communicates with a nearby wireless base station, which is normally affixed to locations like cell towers. Then, your house receives high-speed internet via a cable carrying the broadband signal from the receiver to the router in your house.

Unlike satellite internet, it is much quicker and easier to set up since there isn’t any need to plan for a satellite or even cables to bury. Plus, there are no caps with lightning-fast download speeds, which aren’t affected by the weather. Usually, the nearby wireless base station is within 10 miles of a customer’s home. Therefore, the clouds above it and storms miles away won’t affect the signal transmission.

Ready to Make the Switch?

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