Know Who We Are

About our company

Cajun Broadband had a simple beginning with two friends that were in dire need of improved internet services for their families living in rural Acadiana. Utilizing towers with antennas and a technology called fixed wireless they were able to provide high-quality internet service to their homes.

Cajun Broadband was created on May 1, 2017, with 10 customers(neighbors) in the first month. The concept was simple; have fun and give families reliable internet for a fair price and treat them well. No contracts needed if customers are happy with the service. Thereafter was an overwhelming number of inquiries from all over Acadiana needing improved internet service. So coverage expansion continued month by month to assist families in need of improved internet service. Cajun Broadband now covers parts of seven parishes with their fixed wireless service and continue to expand to customers in need.

As word spread of quality internet service with great support, customers in urban areas also wanted Cajun Broadband as a service provider. The concept was to partner and utilize established fiber network infrastructure to provide service and combine with great personalized customer support. A third friend joined in to create Cajun Wireless in May of 2019.  Today Cajun Wireless offers business fiber services, cellular, voice, and networking solutions.  We are now able to provide services in all 50 states.

Our philosophy is no technology is off-limits for us to strive to assist customers for improved home and business services. We are very appreciative of the great support we have we have received and look forward to helping others in the future.