Prepare Your Restaurant for Internet Outages


The worst thing that can happen to a restaurant is the internet going out on a busy night. This means the owner cannot process credit cards from the point of sale system. With a dining room full of patrons, this could cause profits to crash.


POS Software

The first line of defense is ensuring you have the best point of sale system. This software should provide basic functions with offline mode. Many systems have limited offline functionality. Check with a reputable POS dealer to chose the best one for your business.


Check Your Router

Is your router able to handle your needs? Some restaurants choose to have two internet service providers to perform what is called “load-balancing”. One router is the main connection and the other acts as an automatic failover connection. Some routers could also have SIM card ports for cellular connections. Therefore, the router can initiate cellular backup when the internet goes down.


Battery Backup

Internet outages could also be due to electrical power issues, which are common here in Louisiana. Even small power blips could cause a modem to reboot and cause the POS system to go down. This is why it is important to have a battery backup for your POS system.